Monday, April 05, 2004

I choose Jesus

WOW....Yesterday was Palm Sunday, and our church presented a Musical called "The Choice" which I am honored to be a part of. In short, it is the story of a roman centurion who "Chooses Jesus".
Through the whole performance,all actors,singers,prop people,set people, were so focused on getting the show going,moving,working smoothly that I got a little bit lost in all that.Even while we prayed...we prayed to change people, we prayed that people would make "The Choice"...But just now it hits me,the day after,as I reflect on it,the meaning of it all was clear as we all sang"I choose Jesus" and declared to everyone what OUR choice is but most of all,declared it to HIM,the One we choose,the One who is the reason why we endured endless rehearsals,painful make up application(thats for the men)nerves,etc. We had a chance to SING OUT with Joy, and no shame,no hesitation WE CHOOSE JESUS,without a solitary doubt,not for a day but for eternity, we CHOOSE JESUS. That was definitely the highlight for me,I could hardly get through it without tears. I CHOOSE JESUS, and the One I wanted to hear that the most was HIM. I picture Him watching and listening to the sweet song we sang to Him,and smiling,and it felt SO strong, His love filled the room, His power was there,His presence was undeniable.What a moment.
I do pray that people were moved and changed,but mostly I pray that My God was pleased with me.With us. As servants. It felt awesome to serve Him,even to the point of exhaustion.There's nothing else I'd rather do.