Sunday, February 12, 2012

Only children know...

"No one is ever satisfied where they are..." 'Only the children know what they are looking for" said the little prince...

No one is ever satisfied where they are, the words ring in my ears and I think, no one is ever satisfied because they, or rather we, chase after things. Things to buy, to own, to be, to do. We search outside of ourselves and in the world, for the peace that comes from God, and from within.

How does God speak? Quietly and slowly, in the silence. Not in the frantic pace of our ceaseless striving activity, but in our quiet pondering.

Only children know. They know because they listen within and only seek the desires of their heart.
A child always has time. A child smiles easily. A child laughs heartily.
A child prioritizes love, almost always above all else. A child is content in mom's embrace and dad's smile. A child loves purely with very little expectations for anything more than love, care, and security.

Simple is better
less really IS more
An uncluttered mind is focused on what is most important: here, now, love

Less striving, pushing, demanding, greed
More accepting, giving, releasing, grace

A garden, however small, in spring
A hug given, every day
The truth spoken in love, as often as possible

Beauty is simple, unassuming, quiet and powerful, a child can remind us of that, if we let him