Saturday, June 23, 2012

What to write...

what could I write?  When nothing inspires me but I know I'll be glad I sat down and started clicking on the keyboard... When it seems that I should have something to say (I always do) and yet nothing specific shows up to get things going... What would I write about then?  I'll write about writing... About the feeling I get as the words roll out and take shape and suddenly just make perfect sense  About the sensation that something else is taking over, someONE, inside and finding the words I can't.  About the joy I experience when I read what I have written and recognize it as my own. And about how I marvel at the fact that it came out almost in spite of my effort.  When I sit down to write and feel as if it is a futile exercise, that's when I know something will be written for sure.  It always finds a way through and out, because after all,  I always have something to say .

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Smelly Rambling

You know what I love? Well, many things, but today, I am loving this morning scent.
The distinct smell of a summer morning, the warmth permeates and it affects everything. Sitting in the backyard smells different. It smells like hope. It smells like serenity, and peace.

Fine, you think I'm nuts, so what? That's a risk I took long ago when I wrote my first post on this blog, I'm ok with that!

I am very much a smells person. Certain scents can transport me instantly to a different place and time: my grandma's house, my elementary school, my first job...most scents I encounter are quickly filed away and I find it almost impossible to NOT stop and smell the roses. Smells are just, powerful to me.
My father smoked throughout my whole childhood and to this day, although I hated his habit, when someone lights a cigarette, I am drawn to that new cigarette smell. I hate cigarettes, makes no sense. And yet it makes perfect sense to me.

I love smelling Paul's shirts when I do laundry...I love the smell of summer skin, the way skin smells when it's just warm but not quite sweaty yet (I told you, I'm ok with you thinking I'm crazy), I love the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I love favorite plant smell.

What I am really soaking in this morning is the gift that is just sitting here, smelling my backyard, and thinking about how crazy God made me. And relishing it. I enjoy the world in a way that may be just a little "off", but the point is the enjoyment. Taking a moment to sit and smell, and just....

taste and see that the Lord is good. And smell....can you smell it? I can :-)