Sunday, October 10, 2004


Boundaries....the title of yet ANOTHER book I'm reading :-)
I keep finding that a lot of my "dysfunctions" can be easily articulated by well educated people...Doctors and such, you know? I keep finding that all of the things I struggle with, can be understood, resolved, and changed. That's encouraging. There is A LOT in my life that I want to change. There's a LOT in myself that I want to change. But I'm not interested in tackling this change on my own,that would be foolish, that would be like tackling the building of a house without an architect. I am not an architect, so, I wont try to "build" this house on my own. So I am very thankful that God knows exactly what I struggle with, He knows my heart, He knows the desire therein....and He has shown me that He very much wants to give me all the tools to change me into the person He has made me to become. And I am thankful for people like Dr. Henry Cloud, who wrote the book "Boundaries" whose tools God can use in changing many people and encouraging them through this Journey into becoming more like Jesus.