Tuesday, March 30, 2004

"Here comes the Sun"

"Here comes the Sun, do do do do" I have that Beatles tune stuck in my head.....I love it...It says so many things, it says "the snow is melting,the warmth returns,the birds are chirping" but it also says "My soul is awakened from its winter slumber, my senses are filled with new light,aromas,my eyes are delighted by the blue skies and bright sun..."
Spring is coming! We've waited so long!

Monday, March 22, 2004

"Bad Girls"

Bad Girls....
I'm reading this book called "Bad Girls of the Bible" and well...I can't help but to really relate.
The Bible says "Then the Lord made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man and he brought her to the man." Shortly after that, she gets into trouble.Didn't take long AT ALL. That's the way it is for most of us "bad" and "good" girls.I realized among other things in reading some of this, that it is Pride that gets us to sin most of the time,and it is also Pride that gets us to "label" people into "bad" and "good",in this case girls. Bad girls are those girls involved in sexual immorality,or drugs alcohol,etc...the "obvious" kind of sin,and we are the good girls,the rest of us. If it weren't for our pride though, we would see that that is not the case at all. We are all bad girls. The arrogant thought I had yesterday makes me one. The unkind word I spoke makes me one.My selfish actions make me one.
Maybe you can't see my sin but God certainly can,and that makes me a bad girl. But what is absolutely fascinating in a "obvious yet new" sort of way is that all of us bad girls(and that's ALL of us)are forgiven.
Forgiven for being bad,whether we are bad for a moment or a season. If we can set our pride aside and admit the "badness" is there,and we are willing to lay it down and be repentant of it, Our loving father has already forgiven us before we can say Amen. And what's even more fascinating liberating and humbling all at the same time is that,He will do it all over again tomorrow. Now, isn't HE good?! We aren't but we don't need to be. He is. He is all good.He is all that is good and pure.His goodness gets us much farther than our own goodness ever could.In fact, our goodness only takes us to pride,but His goodness takes us to brokenness and humility, where we can truly only be satisfied by His love.

Friday, March 19, 2004

First Blog!!!

Well, this is my very first blog! I feel the pressure...
As most everyday I sit at my computer chatting with friends and checkin emails and interpreting spanish calls on the phone...that is my job...well,the interpreting part is...I get to hear very interesting things while I interpret for others, some things are sad,some happy, some just silly, but overall, they just make me feel blessed that I actually DO speak english well enough to get around without needing help from a person such as myself, an interpreter. Some of these people need important things, such as filing claims for disability with Social Security, or speaking to their children's doctors, I feel blessed that not only I don't need an interpreter myself but I can actually be of help to these people for these most important issues in their lives.
As I type I am interpreting for a family at the hospital trying to set up treatment for their son, pretty important stuff!
Just a thought for those of you outhere that have always lived in the US and speak english,and everyone speaks english back to you...So many people outhere have NO way of communicating in their own language without the help of a translator or interpreter such as myself.