Sunday, March 06, 2011

"The Art of Loving" by Erich Fromm

"The basic need to fuse with another person so as to transcend the prison of one's separateness is closely related to another specifically human desire, that to know the "secret of man". While life in its merely biological aspects is a miracle and a secret, man in his human aspect is a miracle and a secret, man in his human aspects is an unfathomable secret to himself--and to his fellow man. We know ourselves, and yet even with all the efforts we may make, we do not know ourselves. We know our fellow man, and yet we do not know him, because we are not a thing, and our fellow man is not a thing. The further we reach into the depth of our being, or someone else's being, the more the goal of knowledge eludes us.Yet we cannot help desiring to penetrate into the secret of man's soul, into the innermost nucleus which is "he"."

Not sure I need to add anything to this brilliant passage, but I will....It is fascinating to me that although we can never truly and fully know, we cannot help desiring, and striving toward it. After all, what is life if not a compelling journey of self discovery and of discovery of those around us?

Friday, March 04, 2011

Bits and pieces of inspiring and neat lyrics, just because...

Nickel Creek -Hanging by a Thread

There's a kind of emptiness that can fill you.
There's a kind of hunger that can eat you up.
There's a cold and darker side of the moonlight.
An' there's a lonely side of love.

There's a certain kind of pain that can numb you.
There's a type of freedom that can tie you down.
Sometimes the unexplained can define you,
And sometimes, silence is the only sound.

Diego Torres-Soy de la Gente

Porque la vida es mezcla de ilusión y risa, de dolor y pena
siempre es igual

Ey nunca te rindas nunca te eches pa´tras que la vida es una no más
No te rindas hoy, tu eres luchador busca ser mejor que en la vida
todo se aprende.

Diego Torres-Quisiera

Siento que me elevo por momentos
sin ayuda del aire ni del viento
acaricio las estrellas sonriendo
y mis lagrimas van cayendo sobre el tiempo
me gustaria expresar con palabras lo que siento
cada vez que te miro y no te encuentro

Quisiera ser el angel que vive en tus suenos
quisiera ser la voz que guarda tus secretos
quisiera ser la luz que ampara tu camino
quisiera ser tu septimo sentido
y sin respirar, seguire viviendo igual

Quiero caminar hacia adelante
disfrutar de esta vida que es un arte
y saber que hubo buenas y hubo malas
si perdi o gane fue una jugada
y entre la risa y el dolor
cicatrizan los errores
Dios dira lo que el futuro esconde

Rob Thomas-Streetcorner Symphony

Some people
It's a pity
They go all their lives and never know
How to love or to let love go
But it's alright now
We'll make it through this somehow
And we'll paint the perfect picture
All the colors of this world will run together more than ever
I can feel it
Can you feel it

Come on over
Down to the corner
My sisters and my brothers of every different color
Can't you feel that sunshine telling you to hold tight
Things will be alright
Try to find a better life
Come on over
Down to the corner
My sisters and my brothers there for one another
Come on over
Man I know you wanna let yourself go

John Mayer-Great Indoors

Check your pulse it's proof that you're not listening to
The call your life's been issuing you
The rhythm of a line of idle days

Scared of a world outside you should go explore
Pull all the shades and wander the great indoors
The great indoors

So go unlock the door
And find what you are here for
Leave the great indoors
Leave the great indoors